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    Lets get this site going again!


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    Lets get this site going again!

    Post  TWEWYplayer on 1/2/2011, 22:13

    If you don't know already I'm going to try to get this site going again. I will start posting regularly starting now and i'll try to get vuki 196 back on here as well. Hopefully I can get at least a few more people to join and it would be awesome if any of you guys ask a few people if they'd like to join but you don't have to by any means. Anyways lets get this site going again alien


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    Re: Lets get this site going again!

    Post  DeltaBladeX on 1/3/2011, 04:13

    Everyone I know is on GameFAQs and Backloggery, or a site that deals with things not to be discussed on GameFAQs for fear of the mods.

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