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    I went to a goldeneye tournament today!


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    I went to a goldeneye tournament today!

    Post  TWEWYplayer on 10/3/2010, 21:51

    I've never played the game before but I knew it would be fun so I had to go and it was awesome! I took 3rd out of 4 people but I was in a match where your done after you die twice and there was 4 people. I didn't die at all and it got down to me and one other guy who died once. I drilled him and he should of die but he had a good weapon equiped and used it right before he died to kill me. Then he didn't see me while I started drilling him and then he got lucky again and kill me right before he died! I would of been in the championship game if I would of killed him one of the 2 times Mad Oh well it was fun!

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